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Ballet Festival

Sexta-Feira, 04 de Outubro - Pomerode has been demonstrating a lot of competence when it comes to dance. Proof of this are the awards won by the Ballet Culture Project at the South Brazilian Dance Festival, held from September 11 to 14 in the city of Chapecó. At the opportunity, the girls of our city received awards of the festival's outstanding group, in addition to bringing in the bag R $ 5 thousand and 13 trophies. The event brought together more than 1,200 dancers from 26 Brazilian cities, with a diversified program, covering competitions in seven modalities: classical repertoire ballet, free classical ballet, contemporary dance, jazz, urban dances, folk dances and freestyle.

Among the 13 awards of our city, are the 1st place with the choreography Lollipop (ballet classic free children group); 2nd place in the presentations Sai, Sloth (freestyle junior group), Looks good here !!! (ballet classic free junior solo group), Playing (classic free junior ballet trio), Hastening (classic ballet free junior ensemble) and Amigas de Clara (ballet classic repertoire junior group); and 3rd place in the choreographies Meu Ursinho (classic ballet free of children's solo female), Paysant (classic ballet of junior repertoire solo female), Harlequinade (classic ballet of female repertoire solo female), Frente e Verse (ballet classic free juvenile duo)

The teacher and choreographer Andrea Ianetta Hradec was happy and fulfilled with the results, emphasizing the talent and the competence of the Pomeranian dancers. Our girls are worth gold, they are talented, disciplined and determined. They went to Chapecó to raze and they succeeded, he said.

The teacher pointed out that it was three days of great emotion. Each night of the presentation, the trophy collection increased and the parents present wept with emotion and called those who stayed in Pomerode, passing on information. When the dancers disembarked in our city, with their bag stuffed with prizes, they were greeted with applause, photos and hugs thrilled with longing, who showed great admiration for the work done. It was a magical and wonderful week that girls will never forget. They had a lot of fun and they danced a lot too. Thanks to the parents who helped the trip and those who stayed in the crowd in Pomerode. I want to give a special thanks to Gaspar's Ritmus Virtual, who gave us the support for the festival, and the Pomerode City Hall, in particular, Alcino and Julian, who helped us with transportation,          


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